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Affordable Gift Items for Your Techie Friends | Corporate Giveaways Central

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Less than two months to go before Christmas and you already feel the pressure because you don’t have any gifts for your (non)techie friends yet. Hold your horses because Corporate Giveaways Central, one of the leading suppliers of affordable and personalized electronic items, is here to save the day! 😊

Here is a list of our best-selling electronics that we can customize to add your personal touch:

1. Personalized USB Flash Drives / Pen Drives Regardless of your friends’ interests or occupation for that matter, there is definitely a use for USB drives. Choose from our swivel/flip, wood, key, card and custom-molded types. If you’re looking for a functional gift, then this is it.

Customization Options: Silk Screen Printing, UV Printing

2. Custom Powerbanks Are they always on the go? Well, they may charge up with our custom powerbanks of different styles and charging capacity. You’ll be remembered every time they need to juice up their device. Contact us to know more about our product selection.

3. Personalized Bluetooth Speakers This is the perfect gift for music lovers. Apart from its portability, the customization we can put on it will make them extra special.

4. Custom Wireless Charger Oh, this one will surely be loved by any techie person (even a non-techie one). Imagine, you can charge literally anywhere! Who wouldn’t like that?

5. Personalized Charging Cable Set There is that one friend (or more) that has multiple gadgets wherever they go. You may never understand the need for each device, but they will be delighted if you’ll give them a customized cable set.

6. Custom Keychain Flashlights You might be surprised why this is on the list, but a personalized flashlight is very handy, you know? It’s very portable and useful if you’re walking along a dark alley or if there’s a blackout or use it as a makeshift disco light (just kidding).

For items 2-6, the customization options are: Silk Screen Printing, UV Printing, Custom mold for rubber-type casings

Your preferred item not on our list? We also do custom orders. Contact us and let’s talk further about your item and customization requirements. 😊


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