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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes on Corporate Gift Giving

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Corporate gifts can do wonders for your business when done correctly. So what makes a bad corporate gift? How do you come up with a corporate gift that stands out for the right reasons?

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to step up your corporate gifting this year:

Promoting Yourself Too Much

Save those merchandise that screams your brand for promotional events. Rather, keep your logos small and focus more on the message of your corporate gift.

If you will include your logo on any gift item, ensure that you opt for high-quality and useful items that the recipient will appreciate having.

Unsuitable Gifts

Watch out for things like religion, cultures, preferences, among others. Steer clear from anything that is considered a sensitive topic. You don’t want to go buying something that isn’t only inappropriate, but offensive, too. When in doubt, it's best to give a general gift.

Not Personalizing

We have mentioned that when in doubt, go for a generic gift. However, being too generic is not good either. A complete lack of personalization sometimes creates a mistaken impression. Take a little extra time to think it through and know your recipients well, ensuring that the gift aligns to their hobbies and interests.

If you don’t know your recipients that well, it's okay. You can still personalize our corporate gift items any way you want.

Ignoring the Presentation

Packaging is important! Choose a gift wrap that is attractive and well-made as a demonstration of how you care about the recipient, and that your gift is well-thought out. Having beautiful packaging for your corporate gifts will also make your recipient feel excited when it arrives.

Keep in mind that is a business gift. Meaning, you are trying to send a message to the recipient, making it clear that it’s a gift from your company and representing your business’ focus on quality. Your corporate gift could reflect on how they will perceive your brand.

Spending Too Much or Too Little

It is still a business arrangement nevertheless. As much as you want to demonstrate your appreciation and establish a good relationship, you don’t want to go over the top. You might just implant the wrong idea by being too generous.

This also goes for spending too little, sacrificing quality, and eventually underwhelming the recipient and not giving value or misunderstanding your message.

Corporate gift-giving is always excellent for business. Never forget your corporate gift's purpose: Expressing appreciation and gratitude and having the recipient think of your company when it’s time to do business. Offering useful and well-thought gifts to clients will help your business stand out, whether you’re a start-up or a big corporation.

Corporate Giveaways Central can help you curate the corporate gift item that best suits your business. Contact or email us at sales@corporategiveawayscentral



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