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Christmas is Coming: Corporate Giveaway Ideas for your Company

The holiday season is fast approaching. This means companies most likely have started to plan for the perfect promotional gifts for their clients, employees and partners to show their gratitude at this time of the year.

However, choosing the suitable corporate gift may be quite stressful, not mentioning selecting the best yet affordable corporate giveaways supplier in the Philippines.

Fret not, as we are here to help you get through this! Here are some recommendations you may consider:

Notebooks are an excellent gift option. Apart from being useful, they are highly customizable as you may have your logo or brand printed on the cover. There are also a lot of colors, sizes and materials to choose from so that’s a head start.

If you choose to get custom notebooks, why not partner it with custom pens? You can personalize it too to help with brand recall.

From glass, metal and plastic materials, you will never run out of options if you pick this item. Like the first two, you can add you branding on the tumblers so they’ll remember your company when they have a drink.

Are you looking for a functional yet stylish giveaway? A custom USB Flash Drive is perfect for you. There are different variants such as flip, card, swivel-type or even custom molded.

If you want something unique, you may go for glassware engraving. Engrave your logo on mugs, wine or shot glasses that will surely exude elegance.

6. Other Ideas

Apart from the items above, there are tons of other options like personalized umbrellas, pillows, powerbanks, paperweights, dogtags, keychains and pins. It just depends on your preference and of course, budget.

Hope this article helps. Better yet, email us at or visit our showroom so we can give you our expert recommendations.



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