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Corporate Tumblers – A Brief Overview

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Almost half of your employee force needs a daily caffeine fix to get into the game. According to, Americans consume 450 million cups of coffee every day, with 68% of coffee drinkers having their first cup with the first hour of waking up.

This means two things – we should seek help for this massive caffeine addiction. Second, there is a vast market of custom tumblers and mugs to explore. Corporate entities could use this as an opportunity to market their brand. It is not only a promotional product but serves a fundamental practical purpose too.

Why Choose Custom Tumblers?

People use mugs and tumblers to consume several liquids. It is as usable for hydration geeks as caffeine freaks. As mentioned above, you can use personalized tumblers to attract people to your brand.

Custom printed tumblers are made of different materials, including stainless steel, silicon, and glass. The choice of material depends on the marketing budget.

What are the benefits of personalized tumblers and mugs?

Tumblers give the users a sturdy device to consume their drinks from. However, some company executives may find tumbler giveaways as too mainstream. Although it is true, organizations should still opt for personalized tumblers.

Here are some benefits they can reap through this step:


Manufacturing a regular plastic tumbler doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to the company. It is one of the most cost-effective premium giveaways to exist to this date. Nonetheless, companies must focus on the environmental impact when considering this marketing move. Plastic is bio-degradable, which could increase plastic pollution. It could lead to negative marketing as the public views the company as negligent and irresponsible.

You must consider the material that is bio-degradable or renewable.

Design options

Tumblers are accessible in many designs. When you are looking for custom tumblers that fit with the company image, you will find several options. You can request the tumbler manufacturer to add features like a straw, thermal lining, or lid. The more functionality a tumbler offers, the greater are the chances that recipients will use it for a longer time.

This means a marketing instrument sitting at their table for a long time!

Diverse functionality

Tumblers are not only used for drinking purposes. Most people have this tendency to reuse them for multiple things. For instance, they convert it into a stationary stand. Many people use ordinary tumblers to store office essentials like paper pins, pencils, and rulers.

Key Takeaway

It is imperative to understand how you can effectively use custom tumblers to promote your brand. It should be practical and have your logo right there, so it is visible to all.

We hope you will find a creative and quirky tumbler design for your company soon. Don’t forget to share a snap of your corporate tumbler with us!

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