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Event Coming Up? Get Custom Paperweights as Souvenir

Paperweights literally have a long history dating back to the ancient times. Fast forward to the present, it is still one of the best corporate giveaways in the Philippines.

Why, you say? First, you have a myriad of design and materials to choose from. Our diamond-shaped crystals are one of our top-sellers even if you have to shell out a little more (we promise, it’s worth every penny and the cost is reasonable, too). If you prefer a simple and budget-friendly, you may opt for simple-shaped glass or acrylic paperweights.

Custom paperweights are usually preferred by companies as their souvenir items for anniversaries and other big events. We also get orders for weddings, too. Because these paperweights are customizable. Depending on the material, designs can be engraved, UV printed or stamped.

Here are some of Corporate Giveaway Central’s sample projects:

Interested? Feel free to contact us at / 0999 481 9146. We’ll surely give you the best price. Bigger discount if you order in bulk. 😊



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