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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep | Personalized Pillows | Corporate Giveaways Central

Sleep deprivation is a serious thing. Apart from the obvious effect on the health, it can greatly affect our performance either at work or school.

You have difficulty focusing on what you’re doing, you get easily irritated, your head hurts, you haven’t done much yet but you feel already tired – some of the few things you might be experiencing when you did not get that good night's sleep.

Is there as solution? There is. However, it will require discipline and consistency:

1. Mind that body clock Set the same bed and waking up time EVERYDAY including weekends. You’re aiming to reset your body clock by building a habit of setting a consistent schedule.

2. Stay away from your mobile phone and computer The blue light exerted by electronic devices disrupts your sleeping schedule. Stay away from the screens at least an hour before going to sleep.

3. Read a book Instead of using your phone, why not read a book instead? It can help you relax and can be a good pre-napping habit.

4. Make yourself comfy Get a comfortable pillow and mattress. Have a personalized pillow if you want to be extra. It will be a big help if your room will be cool, free of noise and with dim lighting. Feeling fancy? Get that humidifier and add your favorite essential oils.

5. Eat light meals Grab a light snack if you’re hungry at least 45 minutes before going to sleep. This is to avoid indigestion which makes it difficult to sleep.

6. Seek professional help If you still have difficulties in sleeping after following the tips above, better consult a sleep expert to get to the roots of your sleeping problems.

May you sleep soundly tonight!


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