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Product Feature: Custom Paperweights

Custom paperweights are an excellent choice of corporate gifts and giveaways. These can be distributed amongst employees, clients, vendors, and volunteers too! Just add a few words of appreciation or encouragement along with the company’s logo, and you are sorted for the most memorable corporate souvenir in today’s time!

Since paperwork has gone digital, countless corporations have thought against the use of custom paperweights, but this is exactly what they are mistaken about!

Companies may not be engaged in a lot of paperwork due to digital solutions, but the old-world charm of a paperweight cannot be denied today!

Personalized patterns and messages are still engraved on glass and wooden paperweights to celebrate loyalty in a vintage way!

Why Choose A Paperweight As Corporate Promotional Giveaways?

If you are searching for affordable giveaways for your corporate events, seminars, or conferences, then a custom paperweight can prove to be an ideal choice.

It can be used to celebrate a milestone your company has achieved, a small token of loyalty for investing time and effort in your corporation.

A custom paperweight can also be used to award the best performances in the company. If your office operates on the desk-work model, you can boost your team's productivity by giving them goal-oriented paperweights.

Since these paperweights will be kept on top of the workspace, their presence will keep everyone motivated to own one of the awards for their desks!

How Are Custom Paperweights Made?

Most companies order generic glass and crystal paperweights with their logo printed on top. But you can take the customization a few steps further!

Corporate Giveaways Central can help you customize the paperweight according to your choice's color, shape, and material. You can submit your artwork and then get approval from their design team before production.

Once you confirm the specifications, the custom paperweights are created to satisfy your expectations.

Characteristics Of The Perfect Custom Paperweight:

If you have been looking for corporate giveaway ideas, custom engraved paperweights are the perfect balance of class and affordability. They add an aesthetic touch to a workspace and showcase a personal moment of achievement or engagement with an organization.

Here are a few characteristics of the perfect custom paperweights:

  • Attention to detail on the engraved message.

  • High craftsmanship on the polish and finish of the product.

  • Balanced base to ensure visibility for the custom art.

  • Deep-etched imprint for ling lasting results.

  • Quick deliveries with a minimal surcharge on international orders.

What To Look For In A Custom Corporate Giveaway Store?

When looking for a store that could make your corporate giveaways the star of the event, you need to be mindful of their reputation. You must look for a company experienced in delivering custom orders in bulk quantities without compromising the quality.

One such name is Corporate Giveaways Central. Their customized giveaways are one-of-a-kind that is unique and also budget-friendly. Avail of massive discounts on bulk orders today!

Corporate Giveaways Central is your trusted supplier of personalized company gifts and promotional souvenirs.


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