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Why Drinking Wine Can Be Good for You | Engraved Wine Glasses Philippines

In case you need an excuse to uncork that wine and pour it over a personalized wine glass, well, you’re in the right place.

Wine has been part of history dating back to the Egyptians to the Roman Empire. From being a preferred drink of pharaohs and elites, it has become more accessible to accompany that medium rare steak or creamy Camembert.

Apart from being a perfect food partner, drinking wine in moderation may have health benefits:

Destress with your favorite red wine If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that has happened the whole day, pour yourself a glass of red before going to bed to help you relax. You may opt for a blanco if you want to feel energized.

It can be good for the heart Reds are rich in resveratrol which may help lower blood pressure and risk of heart failure. Vino blancos are also high in antioxidants so don’t worry if you prefer this over the reds.

It may help you stay younger

The same antioxidants when you drink wine also plays a great part in reducing the free radicals in our body and prevent cell aging.

Focus better

As ironic as it may seem, flavanols found in wine protect the blood vessels which in turn helps in the blood flow in the brain.

Live a little longer

With healthy diet and lifestyle, population studies show that people who drink wine moderately live longer compared to non-drinkers.

Always remember to drink your wine in moderation to reap its full benefits. It is recommended to take not more than 300ml a day so enjoy every sip. 😊


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