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Why Personalized Paperweights are the Perfect Corporate Giveaways | CGC Philippines

The planning has started for your company event. You were able to plan out everything, from the programme to the venue. Almost. And then you realized, you forgot a small detail but a very difficult one to decide on. Yes, choosing the perfect corporate gift for your organization’s event can be quite stressful. Even though it is a small token for the attendees, this may dictate how you want your event to be remembered – you would want it to be special and well-though, right?

With so many options, it can be very difficult to choose. You’re thinking of something nice to put your branding on but also quite useful for its recipients. Don’t be surprised but a personalized paperweight checks all the marks. It’s not just pretty but will keep documents in its place.

Why choose this gift, you say? One, you have wide array of choices depending on how you’d want it to look. You can get custom paperweights made of glass, crystal, acrylic and resin (this article may help in choosing the material). Two, there are also multiple choices of customization like engraving or UV printing. Last, there is definitely a paperweight type for your budget. To add an extra oomph, have it in a special box.

Now that you have an idea on why personalized paperweight is an awesome choice, you just now have to contact a reliable supplier of affordable corporate gifts in the Philippines.



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