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Why You Should Write More

If you were to choose, would you prefer writing or typing down notes? I am sure most of you would pick the latter as it would be more convenient and faster if you type your thoughts rather than write it.

I wouldn’t blame you for that. (In fact, I typed this article. lol)

Though every now and then, I still prefer writing especially when taking notes during discussions. I feel like I can remember what we've talked about if I was able to write important details down.

There are other benefits writing can do for us:

1. Focus. Focus. Focus. Using your computer when jotting notes can be distracting (hello, Facebook). Unlike when you are writing, your mind is focused on what you are listening to so you can write all pertinent details.

2. Sharpen your Critical Thinking

When you write things, you filter out the essentials. You digest the data you received to shorten the idea prior to writing it down.

3. Remember it Better Study shows that you can remember what you’ve written easier since your notes contain your understanding of the topic formulated in your own words.

Have I persuaded you now to spend more time writing? I hope so. 😊

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