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Space Pen
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Thanks to Paul C. Fisher, inventor of the Space Pens, astronauts no longer need to worry on how they will write in outer space. As a matter of fact, these pens don’t just work on zero gravity but also under water and any viewing angle! Cool right?

Fisher just wanted to invent a pen that doesn’t leak. He spent a million dollar to create the first AG7 pen or the ‘Astronaut Pen’. This pen is very special, utilizing a one-of-a-kind mechanism and materials allowing it to withstand zero gravity, extreme temperatures, support all angles and, of course, prevent leak. It also uses a special ink that is thick when the pen is still then turns to liquid when shaken.

You may be thinking, why not use pencils? Good question. NASA tried it but when the tip of the pencil breaks off, it may cause short circuit in the spacecraft as it is made of graphite (which conducts electricity).

The price you might ask? The cheapest costs $50 (approx. P2,500) to a whopping $700 (around P36,000) per pen. Well, if you really want a special pen then you can splurge and buy the space pen given the quality.

If you’re looking for a gift item that won’t break the bank, why not get quality and personalized ballpens instead? It’s the thought that counts at the end of the day. :)

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