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Yes, A Mere Tumbler Can Help Save the Environment | Personalized Tumblers & Flasks

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

According to studies, there are more than one million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide. With that, imagine how many bottles are accumulated per day. We’re talking about millions. Do you have any idea where would those bottles go after consuming its content?

We are fully aware how mismanagement of plastic waste caused extreme flooding and took its toll on marine life. This is happening not just on certain countries but is experienced across the globe.

Environmental organizations continuously promote using reusable utensils like tumblers, straws, spoons & forks to minimize single-use plastics. Good thing that there are a lot of companies, even the biggest ones, offer alternatives like reusable tumblers.

We’ve also heard about schools banning plastics especially cups and bottles inside their campuses, prompting students to bring their own reusable tumblers. Some also promotes buying one extra tumbler and give it to a friend. This may be a small act but if done by many, can help save mother nature from the harmful effects of excess and improper plastic disposal.

If you aren’t practicing it yet, we recommend getting your own personalized tumbler now. It's not just a useful gift idea but eco-friendly for your friends and colleagues.




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