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Travel Must Haves: Summer Edition

Summer’s here! And we are excited!

Why you say? Well, it’s the perfect time to go get your dose of vitamin sea. Or if we can’t stand the very hot weather, it’s also a great idea to travel to the highlands (Hello, Baguio and Tagaytay!).

Wherever you decide to go this summer, we’re sure you’d want to make the best out of your trip. So here are some of the must-haves we highly recommend before hitting your summer road trip.

1. Drink up! Don’t forget to keep hydrated when travelling. Always bring your personalized tumblers. Refill it on your every stop or at restaurants if you can instead of buying bottled water. You’ll save a bit and you’ve avoided single-use plastics, too.

2. Sleep comfortably with your own custom pillows. Bring your neck pillow with you especially for long drives and if you like sleeping when you travel.

3. Powerbank is a must! You’ll most likely be taking pictures so our gadgets’ batteries must always have their extra juice.

4. Rain or shine, protect yourself with an umbrella. We’ll never know when we’ll be needing it so better yet put a folding umbrella in your bag or a golf type one if you’re bring your car.

5. Bring your headphones and listen to your jam while on the road.

6. If you will go abroad, always bring a universal charger. It’ll save you of the hassle of finding one when you get there and probably it’s more expensive there.

7. Sunscreen and sunglasses. If you’re not an umbrella-person and you like basking in the sun. Slather some sunscreen on your body. Wear your favorite sunglasses too that’ll match your OOTD.

8. Small first aid and medicine kit should fit in your bag. Put on your inner boy/girl scout. It will surely be handy at some point (yes, we’re talking about you motion sickness and headache).

Feel free to customize your travel must haves this summer and be sure to enjoy! 😊


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