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From East to West: The Long History of Paperweights

All of us are familiar with paperweights as an office staple keeping our documents from flying around. They vary in size, shape, materials, and is commonly used as a marketing item engraved with a company's branding.

But did you know that paperweights were already used during the Han Dynasty?

There had been records that it is a common tool for Chinese scholars soon after the invention of paper. Some of the earliest paperweights were made from white jade and sculpted to form mythical beasts.

During the 19th century, its popularity grew beyond Asia and reached the shores of Europe.

It caught the attention of glass manufacturers in France and Austria, creating paperweights with intricate designs using a special technique called Millefiori.

Nowadays, paperweight is a preferred choice for corporate gifts.

Here at Corporate Giveaways Central, we create high-quality crystal, glass, acrylic and resin paperweights that are customizable per your branding.

We also have competitive pricing so you can be assured that you'll get your money's worth.

Call us now and let's talk about your corporate giveaway needs!





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